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    We were first introduced to the Lowline Cattle breed back in 2001. After much research we purchased our first cattle in 2002, when these cattle arrived we had our first of many surprises. We found out that cattle from a large ranch were basically wild! They also arrived with what we found out was pinkeye and pneumonia! Surprise! This was the start of a long learning process!

    We became American Lowline Registry members in late 02 or early 03. Our membership number is 236 so even at that time we were early supporters of this magnificent breed. We have seen many changes even in the short time we have been members. Many things we take for granted in our breed have transpired in this time, such as the online herdbook (we were told by a board member at that time this was not possible for such a small breed). We pushed for that change as well as the introduction of the Red fullbloods into the registry. We were the first to register Red fullboods into the ALR with the registration of LGL Bluey and LGL Tulip. (LGL Bluey has over 200 progeny at this time, many of which became show champions!)

    We also imported 2 crates of cattle into the US in 2007. These were some of the first cattle to be imported since the original importation of the breed into the United States. We brought over some bloodlines that at that time were not out of the usual Brambletye stud, animals from the Glebe and Goan studs. We purchased these animals from the Top of the Range Stud in Australia. We also were fortunate to purchase SC Brook who carried the true red gene in addition to the wild allele carried by LGL Bluey and LGL Tulip.

    These animals became our foundation here at Lazy G, the home of the Foundation herd of Red Lowlines in the US. We have what we believe is the largest herd of Fullblood Lowlines West of the Rockies if not the one of the largest in the US.

    We also have black fullblood lowlines (both homo and heterozygous) for sale. We can offer for sale individual and packages of both Red and Black animals, custom flushes and of course semen sales from our lineup of bulls. We are fortunate to have some of the best marbling genetics available in the Lowline breed.

    Whatever your needs please give us a call first to see if we can be of service.

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