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Red Herd Starter Package II

Here for a limited time is a package for the person interested in a fast track towards a red herd. It includes a red fullblood bull and 2 red fullblood heifers. >More Details, Pictures and Pedigree


Red Herd Starter Package

This package includes 1 red bull and 2 black heifers carrying the red gene. We have many outstanding calves this year so be sure to take advantage of this package. >More Details, Pictures and Pedigree


9D36 Lazy G Red Fixation
$ 2,500
6A15 Lazy G Incognito | U21 Lazy G Red Jewel        
Born 09-18-2016 b/w 48 lbs

Red fullblood bull with a lot of potential, whether as a show or herd bull. He'll go quick so put a deposit on him before he's gone! (E+e) >More Details, Pictures and Pedigree


3E5 Lazy G Red Alert
$ 2,000
6A15 Lazy G Incognito | U4 Lazy G Tara        
Born 03-30-2017 b/w 44 lbs

Well balanced red bull, should make great show or breeding bull. Already started halter breaking him. >More Details, Pictures and Pedigree


$ 1,500
3B2 Lazy G Awestruck | W 205 Lazy G Ruby        
Born 08-20-2017

Exceptional son of Awestruck and Ruby.This bull has it all...deep bodied, well balanced and lots of eye appeal. DNA done, reg pending. >More Details, Pictures and Pedigree


4C16 Lazy G Brook 4C16
$ 4,000
4A3 Lazy G Gold Rush | SC Brook        
Born 04-18-2015 b/w 42 lbs

Nice red fullblood cow sired by Lazy G Gold Rush and SC brook a true red gene carrier. For a short time price includes fullblood red bull calf sired by the top carcass bull in the breed Lazy G Infr >More Details, Pictures and Pedigree


W 209 Lazy G Red Dawn
$ 5,000
Vitulus Awesome Red | Lazy G Tania        
Born 06-02-2008

Probably one of the best Awesome red cows out there. She's has given us some great calves both red and black. She's currently bred to LG Red Obsession, so expect a red calf in 2018. >More Details, Pictures and Pedigree


7D25 Lazy G Cleo 7B26 7D25
$ 5,000
3B2 Lazy G Awestruck | 7B26 Lazy G Cleo        
Born 07-16-2016 b/w 41 lbs

Well balanced red heifer, she'll make a good addition to any breeding program. Confirmed bred to Lazy G Red Obsession, so guaranteed red calf! What a great way to start or add to a red breeding progra >More Details, Pictures and Pedigree


4E18 Lazy G Cleo 7B26 4E18
$ 3,200
3B2 Lazy G Awestruck | 7B26 Lazy G Cleo        
Born 04-26-2017 b/w 42 lbs

Beautiful red heifer, one of the best we've ever seen. She will make a good show heifer, then be a great addition to any breeding program! >More Details, Pictures and Pedigree


4E16 Lazy G Susanna 5B12 4E16
$ 3,200
3B2 Lazy G Awestruck | 5B12 Lazy G Susanna        
Born 04-21-2017 b/w 44 lbs

This beautiful red heifer is a real show-stopper. Lots of style, deep bodied...probably one of the best red heifers out there! AAA registration # FF35323 >More Details, Pictures and Pedigree


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