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    Lowlines are 100% Aberdeen Angus. Every full blood (100% Lowline) must be DNA tested prior to being registered to guarantee their purity.

    Lowlines may be finished on grass or grain. When finishing on grain they finish within 45 days compared to 90 day average for commercial breeds. When raised on grass only the meat has more omega 3 fatty acids (a beneficial fat), less omega 6 fatty acids (a detrimental fat), offering a healthier product.

    Steers are typically finished at between 18-24 months old. The age may vary depending on genetics, time of year, etc.

    Average hanging weight:

    • Fullblood Lowline steer - live weight averages 850 lbs, hanging weights average 425 lbs, produces averages 320 lbs retail cuts, or 75% cut-out.
    • 1/2 Lowline steer - live weight averages 1,200 lbs, hanging weights average 600 lbs, produces averages 410 lbs retail cuts, or 65% cut-out

    • Note: The higher percentage of Lowline genetics the higher the ratio from live weight to retail cuts. Animal sizes are dependent on age and genetics, especially when crossed with other breeds.

    Low birth weight, ease in calving. Excellent for first time heifers, especially when crossed with larger breeds.

    Naturally polled; no horns.

    Because of their smaller size can run more animals per acre, which increases pounds of beef per acre.

    Great FFA or 4H projects, especially for the timid shower.

    Small enough that children can handle easily.

    Very good mothers.

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