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7E30 Lazy G Ginger 7E30
$ 1,500
U25 Lazy G Infra-Red | Ginger, commercial cow        
Born 07-05-2017 b/w 68 lbs

Nice red Moderator heifer with some great carcass genetics from her sire LG Infrared. AAA registration #MF 35331. >More Details, Pictures and Pedigree


$ 1,500
5B18 Lazy G Undercover Red | 5B17 Lazy G Maddy        
Born 05-26-2018 b/w 53 lbs

Beautiful Black Moderator heifer sired by Lazy G Undercover Red. >More Details, Pictures and Pedigree


$ 1,200
5B18 Lazy G Undercover Red | 2C3 Lazy G Be Red        
Born 05-26-2018 b/w 65 lbs

Nice big bodied Moderator black baldie heifer. A real looker! >More Details, Pictures and Pedigree


$ 1,250
U25 Lazy G Infra-Red | 5B17 Lazy G Maddy        
Born 03-30-2019 b/w 67 lbs

Black 3/4 blood bull calf sired by lazy G Infrared out of Lazy G Maddie 5B17, another calf with some great genetics for marbling >More Details, Pictures and Pedigree


$ 1,400
U25 Lazy G Infra-Red | Unibrow - Club Calf Cow        
Born 04-08-2019 b/w 61 lbs

1/2 blood heifer sired by Lazy G Infrared out of a heat Wave daughter >More Details, Pictures and Pedigree


$ 1,250
6D23 Lazy G Red Obsession | Lazy G Show Girl        
Born 07-30-2019 b/w 52 lbs

3/4 red heifer sired by Lazy G Red Obsession >More Details, Pictures and Pedigree


4E15 Lazy G Renegade | 5B17 Lazy G Maddy        
Born 04-06-2019 b/w 62 lbs

Nice 3/8ths heifer sired by Lazy G Renegade >More Details, Pictures and Pedigree


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