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$ 1,500

  Black/red gene carrier out of a Red Obsession cow. Sired by Lazy G Rubicon a Lazy G Infrared son out of Lazy G Tara a daughter of one of our Australian imports.

5L31 Lazy G Tara 5H12 5L31
Born 05-02-2023
Murrumbong LGL Bluey 
U25 Lazy G Infra-Red
Lazy G Cleo 4E18
Murrumbong LGL Red Tulip
2J1 Lazy G Rubicon
3B2 Lazy G Awestruck

7B26 Lazy G Cleo
Tuscarora Kuervo 
6D23 Lazy G Red Obsession
SC Brook
5H12 Lazy G Tara U4 5H12
Murrumbong LGL Bluey
U4 Lazy G Tara
Top of the Range Tara



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