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$ 3,500

  Nice black red carrier heifer sired by Lazy G Red Label. Carries the true red gene! Confirmed bred to Vitulus Has to be Red for an April calf.

3C5 Lazy G Rozlyn
Born 03-28-2015
b/w 44 lbs
Goan Wandoo II 
Murrumbong LGL Bluey
SC Brook
Goan Black Opal
W 207 Lazy G Red Label
Bell Brae Boris Bel

ALM Bess
Trangie M236 (The Glebe Imatoff) 
The Glebe Braveheart
Geln Innes M336 (The Glebe Cilla)
Top of the Range Rozlyn
Trangie M465 (The Glebe Immanuel)
The Glebe Roberta
The Glebe Victoria



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