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Words of Wisdom

"Buy or co-op a good bull with a neighbor, but by all means get the best bull possible
because a cheap bull is the most expensive animal on the place!."


6D21 Lazy G Baxter
$ 2,000
PX Baxter | Lazy G Sadie        
Born 06-20-2016 b/w 51 lbs

Black Fullblood bull sired by PX Baxter out of Lazy G Sadie. This combination should be a winner! >More Details, Pictures and Pedigree


$ 1,500
6A15 Lazy G Incognito | W 209 Lazy G Red Dawn        
Born 04-12-2017 b/w 46 lbs

Red carrier black fullblood bull sired by Lazy G Incognito >More Details, Pictures and Pedigree


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