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Murrumbong LGL Bluey
$ 25
Goan Wandoo II | Goan Black Opal        
Born 01/19/2003

Sire of: 2012 National Western Stock Show-LGL Bluey sires the Reserve Grand Champion Fullblood Heifer- Bluey continues to sire winning progeny, including the N.A.I.L.E. 2011 Reserve Champion Percentage... >More Details, Pictures and Pedigree


W 207 Lazy G Red Label
$ 25
Murrumbong LGL Bluey | SC Brook        
Born 03-25-2009

Another great carcass bull! Lazy G Red Label also carries the true Red Gene, he is sired by LGL Bluey out of SC Brook, a true red gene carrier.This young bull carries all the out cross red genetics that... >More Details, Pictures and Pedigree


Lazy G Red by Design (Rudy)
$ 15
Murrumbong LGL Bluey | Goan Black Opal        
Born 02-21-2008 b/w 60 lbs

Rudy has a great future as a herd bull. His calves are amazing, and when bred to red-influenced females sired over 70% red calves.

Rudy is extremely long and deep, weighing in at 1,400 lbs at 3 yeas... >More Details, Pictures and Pedigree


Goan Wandoo II
$ 15
Glen Innes N249 (Goan Belah) | Goan Wattle III        
Born 10/27/1995

Sire of many division and regional champions, including the 2009 NWSS Reserve Jr Champion Percentage Heifer(pictured). He's the sire of several reds, both fullblood and percentage, including Bluey and... >More Details, Pictures and Pedigree


Gallant MLP 8G
$ 10
Ardrossan Peter | Mugga Ellen E315        

Gallant is a long, tall bull that is producing progeny that carry his excellent muscling qualities. He sired the Junior and Grand Champion Bull and also the Junior Champion Female at the 2000 Calgary Stampede... >More Details, Pictures and Pedigree


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