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$ 20

  Here is a red carrier that will put some size on your red or black fullbloods while offering some out cross to your breeding! This black red carrier fullblood bull has a unusual lineage for a red program. He should add some size to your red program as he is larger than the average fullblood American Aberdeen bull while keeping that calving ease that is so important. He should pass on some of his dams great attributes like great marbling and a perfect udder among other things! He stands 48" at the hip and weights in at just under 1500 lbs.

5B18 Lazy G Undercover Red
Born 05-31-2014
Trangie K121 
Broken Arrow Nero
Ardrossan Delvane
Broken Arrow Opal Nera
Ardrossan Neron
Minkin Quintus

Glen Innes E367
Glen Innes N249 (Goan Belah) 
Goan Wandoo II
Goan Wattle III
Murrumbong LGL Red Tulip
Trangie M377
Goan Black Opal
Trangie L109



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