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$ 25

  The ORIGINAL Red Fullblood American Aberdeen bull, this is the guy who started it all! He's the real deal... with lots of length, spring of rib, great muscling, we can go on and on. Weighing approximately 1400, he stands 45 inches at the hip. His calves are thick & stout with lots of length.

Unbelievable MMI score of 82.23 marbling on the 128 marker test! Siring calves with higher scores, including Lazy G Red by Design with a score of 87.12, and Lazy G Rachelle (out of Bluey daugher)and sold at our Red October sale, who scored an incredible score of 110.75. Bluey continues to pass on his great marbling genetics

Several Bluey bull calves were ultrasound tested for ribeye area & tenderness. All scored well, and one had the best tenderness score from every animal tested, with a score of 15 (average is 35-40, the lower the number reflects more tenderness).

Bluey is the first red fullblood Lowline registered in the American Lowline Registry.

He works on all types of cattle, including fullbloods, percentage and commercial cattle. We are very excited to offer semen from this bull.

$25 straw/5 straw minimum; $50 percentage certificate & $100 fullblood certificate.

Bluey's image is owned exclusively by Lazy G Lowlines and any reproduction must receive written permission in advance for it's use.

Murrumbong LGL Bluey
Born 01/19/2003
Trangie K231 (Binnowee Hercules) 
Glen Innes N249 (Goan Belah)
Goan Wattle III
Trangie D060 (Goan Ebony)
Goan Wandoo II
Trangie M377

Trangie F240
Trangie K231 (Binnowee Hercules) 
Trangie M377
Trangie H003
Goan Black Opal
Trangie J078
Trangie L109
Trangie B107



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