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$ 25

  Rudy has a great future as a herd bull. His calves are amazing, and when bred to red-influenced females sired over 70% red calves.

Rudy is extremely long and deep, weighing in at 1,400 lbs at 3 yeas old. He is one of the top marbling bulls in Lowline, Angus and Red Angus breeds. Out of 128 markers in the MMI/Cargil true marbling score, Rudy's score was 87.12, higher than his sire. Rudy's son, Lazy G Hot Topic, who was sold at our Red October Sale October 1st, beat his father with a score of 94.89!

We are very excited to offer semen from this bull! $25 per straw/5 straw minimum. Certificates $100 fullblood; $50 percentage.

Please note: Rudy was an ET calf. His surrogate mother weighed over 1,900 lbs and was 2 weeks late delivering him. Rudy had lots of time and room to grow so was bigger than if carried by his natural mother.

Lazy G Red by Design (Rudy)
Born 02-21-2008
b/w 60 lbs
Glen Innes N249 (Goan Belah) 
Goan Wandoo II
Goan Black Opal
Goan Wattle III
Murrumbong LGL Bluey
Trangie M377

Trangie L109
Trangie K231 (Binnowee Hercules) 
Trangie M377
Trangie H003
Goan Black Opal
Trangie J078
Trangie L109
Trangie B107



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