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  Imported from Australia in 2007, Rozlyn's pedigree is another total out-cross from U.S. genetics. She continues to out-produce herself.

Top of the Range Rozlyn
Born 12/07/2001
Trangie K001(Broken Arrow Kaptain Planet) 
Trangie M236 (The Glebe Imatoff)
Geln Innes M336 (The Glebe Cilla)
Trangie K115
The Glebe Braveheart
Trangie J260

Glen Innes E344
Trangie K080 
Trangie M465 (The Glebe Immanuel)
Trangie K003
The Glebe Roberta
Trangie M236 (The Glebe Imatoff)
The Glebe Victoria
Langdale Stacy



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